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Start generating sales and building your targeted email list around all your Amazon branded promotions using our proven sales funnels. We are constantly improving our platform with new tools and updated promotions pages, we guarantee to have the best converting Amazon promotion landing pages or your money back.

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Works for all Amazon Sellers

Create promotion for any currency, US,/CA dollar, EU, UK pound and others, just select the currency create the promotion.

Quick build promotions

Upload your coupon codes, your product images, point and click to change text and your custom promotion URL is ready to drive traffic to you offer.

Imbed your promotion on website or blog

Simply copy the frame code and post on you own blog or website branding the promotions as your own. Drive traffic from Facebook, Google Adwords, or Twitter to your landing page and track the ROI.

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Grow Your Amazon business before your eyes

Run our proven promo funnel builder, that will take your Amazon business to the next level. Get tons of motivated hungry buyer jumping to review your Amazon products.

Promotions at a glance

Discover top referral traffic on your promotion campaign, see how many subscriber have opted in to each promotion and what's left of promo codes for a campaign.

Mobile Ready Promotion Pages

All your buyer lead capture promotion webpages, will all look stunning on any device leading to higher conversion rates.

Gamify You Lead Generation

Now get those Amazon buyer to interact with your brand. Build a cult following of loyal fans that will support your next product launches

Email marketing on autopilot

This Drive Amazon sales and buyers to promotions anytime. With PromoCapitain seller now complete and total control of email campaign promotions. We give you the power to build customizable follow-up campaigns with buyers; our advanced features give you the power to extend your brand marketing beyond the one time Amazon offer.

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Immediate promotion segmentation

Capture each buyers email address, for everyone promotion. Allowing sellers to segment buyer by promotions and send customize messages to only those buyers.

Better Email Marketing

Simple email marketing promotion campaigns builder, create unlimited promotion funnel to current and past Amazon buyer, allowing you to build a second channel for sale not just on Amazon.

Set and forget it

Build it email campaigns once and use the campaign over and over on other promotions. Keep buyer in the loop of new offer you have start to build that one to one relationships with buyers.


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  • Works for any Amazon sellers country
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